Terrera means "Our Time On Earth". It is formed with two words, "terre" meaning earth in French, and "era", meaning period in time.


Terrera uses textiles that are more sustainable than conventional counterparts. In all their products, they include certified organic bamboo and/or organic cotton in the fabrications. All of their clothing and home products, including every thread, button, stitching, and fabric dyes are free of harmful substances and have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. They continually source other earth-friendly fabrications to introduce in their brand. 

Terrera is a Canadian based company in Toronto. Ontario, and they care for everyone involved with producing their clothing from the farms, to the mills, to the factories. They build long-term relationships with their partners so that they can grow together and sustain the livelihoods of all peoples. All of their overseas factory partners in China are audited to ensure that they exceed national standards for health and safety, workplace conditions and workers’ protection. Once the pieces are ready, they slowly ship them by sea to Canada to reduce their ecological footprint.