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Our commitment to sustainability, community and doing good inspires us to always want to improve and find innovative ways of doing things. 

By being transparent about our practices, our challenges, our choices of organic or recycled materials and the cost of our products, you are able to understand the identity of our products.


One of the cornerstones of our brand is in how we produce our clothes.

We create sustainable activewear and work with local sewers and factories here in Vancouver in a small batch production process, which reduces excess stock and the eliminates the need to contribute to landfills.

girlfriend collective

What’s the deal with wearing plastic?

Pssst, did you know most synthetic fabrics (like polyester and nylon) are made from plastic?

We just make ours with materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, rather than new materials.

tonic active

Thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC. It is important to support the local economy while maintaining superior quality.

Local production also ensures commitment to providing great and green working conditions, and improving our carbon footprint.

sherpa adventure gear

We are conscious of how our goods are produced and continually striving to use materials and processes to lessen our impact on the planet.

We are focused on providing economic and social stability to the people of Nepal through steady employment, quality working conditions and educational opportunities for future generations.

no mi no u

All of our clothing is designed, printed and manufactured entirely in Canada, reducing carbon emissions that result from sourcing and shipping products from overseas.

Instead of screen-printing our patterns, we use a sublimation technique that reduces the amount of ink needed to print our designs onto the fabric, resulting in less impact on the environment.

Yoga Jeans

Eco-friendly clothing that is sustainable and fashionable. Many of our core styles are BCI cotton, Cotton USA. Our durable and high quality trims are also made in Canada.

We always strive to find the next thing in sustainable fashion and are constantly working on reducing our ecological footprint.


From organic cotton to our recycled polyester, from sustainable production to giving back, we always stay true to our deepest principles.

We seize opportunities to make a difference everywhere we do business, proactively creating real change, right now.

good hYOUman.

His mission was simple: do something that makes you, and those around you, feel good! Today, we do this by creating the most comfortable clothes on the planet, but also by partnering with organizations and individuals who facilitate our mission of giving back and doing good every day.

Groceries Apparel

We source directly to the seed and trace all of our fabrics from the farm to our factory. We only use 100% GMO-free, Pesticide & Herbicide-free, Recycled & Fair-traded Ingredients.

From seed to skin we are committed to developing awareness of all lifecycle stages of our fabrics and garments.

TMPL Sportswear

TMPL Sportswear is produced using the world’s most exacting human and environmental standards. Our dyes and fabrics are free of dangerous toxins, making TMPL safer for your body when exposed to open skin pores.

Our products are made locally, employing the fairest labor practices where our producers are provided a safe work environment, fair living wages and health benefits.

7 For all Mankind

As a company, we’re striving for environmental progress from initial design to final delivery.

That means examining every step of our manufacturing process and pinpointing ways we can lessen the impact of energy, water, air emissions, and waste chemicals used to manufacture our clothing.


Sustainability not only means operating in a responsible manner environmentally, it also includes following and upholding workplace standards to respect and treat with dignity every individual working in the complete supply chain process. All suppliers and factories in the MPG garment production cycle must follow binding and strict social compliance requirements.

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