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How to Bring More Sustainability to your Fall Routine

How to Bring More Sustainability to your Fall Routine

With the cooler temperatures and shorter days upon us, we inevitably begin to enjoy our indoor spaces a little more. This is generally accompanied with comforting foods, warm fires and snuggling up in our cozy favourites. This shift in seasons is also a perfect time to make small changes to do better for our environment. So in between dusting off your winter boots and digging out your coziest sweaters, considering adopting some of these simple ideas to bring more sustainability into the season and beyond.

Decluttering your home and closets is an easy task to help you be more sustainable. If done correctly this task can be great for the environment, and also help lift our spirts and up our moods. It's a win, win!

When we declutter it can be easy to pull out the big black bags and put everything out with the trash, but contributing to landfill waste should be our last resort. Instead consider how these items could be recycled, reused or upcycled and separate them into these respective piles.

There are many companies that will pick-up old household items and either recycle or donate them for you. Old clothes can be donated or easily made into hair accessories, rags, paint canvases - just to name a few. You could also make yourself a little extra cash and sell the items on a local marketplace platform where they can be loved a little longer. And as mentioned above a decluttered space can also shift our moods and stress levels to a better place, so we not only do good, but also feel good!! 

Getting cosy with eco-friendly soy candles is a perfect way to add some sustainability to your indoor spaces. And a great way to fill your home with comforting scents. 

Soy candles smell better, burn longer, are cleaner, and toxic free. They heighten our senses, and are better for our homes and health.

Soy candles are made from just that - Soy! A natural, biodegradable resource that fills our homes with clean scents and no mess. 

Furthermore, soy candles throw scents farther, meaning they can easily fill an entire room with their aroma and they typically burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles. And an added bonus, if you purchase a locally made soy candle, you're likely supporting a local farmer!

Looking to bring soy candles into your space, you can shop our collection of Noel & Co candles. A local company founded by twin sisters, Janie and Lauren.



Our green friends do not like the cold weather, so when the temperatures drop bring your plants indoors to protect them. By doing so you will also brighten up your indoor space and improve your indoor air quality. 

Plants are also know to help with stress levels, so in addition to a greener space and cleaner air you may also experience a positive effect on your mood.

If you do not already have household plants, now may be a good time to invest in one or two. Although all plants help create a healthier indoor environment, three of our favoured indoor plants are the Snake, Lavender and Spider plants, which can be purchased at most local garden centers.


As the temperatures begin to drop opt for a warm sweater, a pair of chunky socks or a warm blanket before turning on the thermostat. 

Keeping the thermostat off longer notably saves energy but it will also save you money. So layer up and comfy up during the cooler months!  Once the thermostat gets turned on, program it to only run when needed, keep temperatures at reasonable levels and consider further insulating you home from the cold with curtains, door draft stoppers and window films. These additional tips will continue to save energy and save you money.  

Looking to add some cosy fall essentials to your closet for when the temperatures drop, check out our collection here.


Adding locally made, natural, self care products to your routine this season is a simple way to bring more sustainability into your space.

You know the saying, "what we put on our bodies, we put in our bodies", so naturally (no pun intended) being confident we are putting safe products on our skin should be a priority! Natural skin care products are safer, packed with nutrients, better for our health AND better for the environment. Their natural properties awaken our senses and help elevate our self care routines to a new level.

Interested in trying some locally made, natural, self care products? You can explore our curated collection from Sage and Sweetgrass.


The simplest shift in our routine or habits can help make a positive impact on both our personal and surrounding environments.

One step at a time, we can all make a difference!



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