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How to Care for your Clothes

How to Care for your Clothes

Did you know that the average person throws away 70 pounds of clothing per year, and globally we generate and estimated 13 million tons of textile waste annually?  

The average lifespan of a clothing garment is 2.2 years. Extending the active life of a piece of clothing by just 9 months can significantly reduce environmental impacts. Taking care of your clothing has never been more important so we wanted to share some tips to help prolong the lifespan of your garments.

Wash Less - Think twice before washing.  Excessive washing can break-down fibres and hence decrease the lifespan.  If the garment isn't really dirty and just needs some freshening up, instead of throwing it in the wash, try hanging it outside or inside a steamy bathroom first.

Wash at Lower Temperatures - Wash in cold water with a gentle and natural detergent to keep the fabric soft and avoid colour fading.  High temperatures can also break-down fibres prematurely.

Pay Attention to Care Labels - Different fibres require different care, especially delicate fabrics that are vulnerable to damage from chemicals and heat.  Labels will state the maximum recommended temperature a garment should laundered at instead of the recommended temperature.

Wash Inside Out - A handy tip to not only wash inside out, but also separate from garments with zippers and fasteners to avoid snagging.

Air Dry - When possible chose to air dry your clothing. Tumble drying not only uses a lot of energy to run, the heat can quickly break-down certain fibres.  Next time, try shaking out your clothes and hang them on either a clothing line,  drying rack or hanger to air dry.

Repair Damage - Repair damage as soon as you notice it.  This not only keeps the garment in a wearable condition, and out of landfills, but also increases the lifespan as the damage will get worse if not fixed.

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