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Local Supplier Spotlights

Local Supplier Spotlights


Did you know that we have several local businesses featured in our store?

This is one of the many things we pride ourselves with at PHIT'Cetera - supporting other Canadian and local companies. From local pottery makers and local jewellery makers to local candle and skin care makers, gift giving or treating yourself with locally handmade products has never been easier!

All our local suppliers craft beautifully handmade, unique pieces and share our core values of doing their part for mother earth. It's a win/win! 

In this blog, we highlight the various local vendors in our store. Shop Local, Support Local!


Sage and Sweetgrass is located in Dartmouth, NS. Their mission is to bring customers the best in luxurious natural skincare at affordable prices. 

They understand that your skin is much more than wallpaper and should be treated that way. They were founded on the belief that nature provides us with everything we need, if only we take the time and listen to our own inner wisdom. They believe ease, joy and renewal is your very birthright and all their products are intended to guide you back to this very philosophy.

Every ingredient sourced and procured are 100% natural, bring maximum results and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

From natural soaps, soothing bath salts and bombs, luxurious body butters and scrubs; your skin care routine has never been better.

Shop Sage and Sweetgrass.


Noel and Co is located in Kentville, NS and founded by grade 12 twin sisters that were looking to fund a school trip to Greece and develop a creative outlet where they could share their designs and creations. 

Their goal is to bring forth soy candles and room sprays that reflect their values of goodness, openness and love. Making products that are healthy, sustainable, eco-conscious and accessible is at the core of everything they do.

All their products are made in small batch production and thoughtfully created to be toxic free, gluten free, paraben free and phthalate free so all you have to be concerned about is enjoying them!

Shop Noel and Co.

LOVEDup Canada is located in Tantallon, NS and create up-cycled accessories from thrifted materials and fabric remnants. 

Their beautifully crafted scruchies and button earrings are designed with the mission of reducing waste, encouraging up-cycling/recycling and to support local charities & non profits with each purchase. Always beautiful and always unique - an accessory you can feel good about wearing.


Eastwood Pottery is located in Williamswood, NS and they strive to create beautiful pieces of pottery for everyday use. They hope that when you hold a one of their handmade pieces, you take the time to be present in the moment.

Founders Peter and Sarah Eastwood both have a rich family history in coastal living. Their families made their livelihoods on the oceans as fishermen and lighthouse keepers for generations.

Their work celebrates the vibrant life of the hardworking people that live and work on the saltwater.

All their products are made in small batches with glazes that are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Shop Eastwood Pottery.

Freebird Jewellery is located in Tantallon, NS with a mission to make beautiful jewellery that you can truly feel good about.

Her designs are all about freedom - freedom to create express and choose. And it is their desire that their jewellery can give you the freedom to express yourself through their designs.

Their approach to design is to create beautiful pieces while considering the environmental and social impacts of their operations. This includes sourcing raw materials, how their jewellery is made and the types of packaging used. All their pieces are handmade locally and many are constructed from 100% recycled materials. With the devastating impacts the jewellery industry can have on people and the planet, it's important for them to be part of the shift to better this.

Freebird also donates 5% of all profits to the people and places impacted by the jewellery industry.

Truly one of a kind pieces that not only look great, but also do good.

Shop Freebird Jewellery.


Be Well and Happy is located in Dartmouth, NS and was created from Lori-Ann's personal journey to find inner piece and her desire to share her journey with others.

All their pieces are handmade locally and crafted with the desire to inspire life, health and happiness. Each gemstone used in her creations represents a sacred meaning and intention so every piece is unique to an individuals personal journey and intension. Wearing your intention and referring to what you want, helps you achieve your purpose. This energy neutralizes energetic blockages within you, nourishing all aspects of your being.

Shop Be Well and Happy.

Zofi Studios is located in Bedford, NS and makes beautiful earrings that are 90% crafted from up-cycled leather scraps that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Her pieces are uniquely individual and beautifully feminine. Each piece is handmade locally with the intension of helping reduce waste and do better for our planet.

Shop Zofi Studios.



There is no better gift to yourself or someone else than the gift of local. We are so pleased to partner with these amazing local businesses that share our values and morals. These collections and carefully curated for the perfect gifting guide or simply treating yourself. Please reach out if you have any questions about our continuously growing list of local suppliers at

Buy local, Support local!


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