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The Big Land Bar Soap

East Coast Glow


The Big Land bar soap pays homage to Labrador and its dazzling northern light displays. It features activated charcoal, wild seaweed, invigorating peppermint essential oil, exfoliating poppy seeds, and clays – all to create a lathery, bubbly bar.

Key Ingredients:

Activated charcoal is made by taking hardwoods or coconut shells and burning them while depriving them of oxygen to create unique ‘pockets’ that attract impurities like a magnet. One teaspoonful of Activated Charcoal or carbon has a surface area of more than 10,000 square feet, which gives charcoal unique absorption properties.

Rich in macro and trace elements, seaweed has a mineral content that much higher than land plants to nourish your skin.

A perfect blend of infused plant oils and raw, organic shea butter to not only cleanse, but indulge your skin in sustainable luxury.

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